We get it. You’re a busy entrepreneur and it can get exhausting keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media.

That’s why we’re here to help.

We at BeeHaveSocial live and breathe social media marketing. We are more than happy to assist in watching the latest trends for you, testing out strategies that we know will work well for your brand. This way, we ensure that we can deliver top notch ROI for our clients.

You focus on your business while we focus on your (online) presence.



Social Media Management

Looking for a way to level up your visibility online but don’t even have the time to face your screen? We’ve got you covered. Our professional social media bees are well-versed in graphic design, photo editing, caption writing, hashtag research, and community management.


Our consultants are ready to assist you with your social media marketing or influencer marketing campaign. Whether you seek a quick advice, need a full-blown training session for you and your team, or want an interim social media manager or campaign leader, they are ready for you and can tailor to your needs.

some of our clients


Your Instagram Captions are the Key to Better Engagement

Ever wonder why your photos don't attract as many likes and comments even when you almost bent over backward just to get that shot? Rest assured that it doesn’t mean that you suck as a photographer.  But if there’s one thing you should remember if you want to thrive...

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New updates from social media land – Feedstoppers

When they said that the internet is now a fast-changing world, they weren’t joking. Take our favorite social apps as an example. In our new series, Feedstoppers, we talk about the most noteworthy updates that’ll make you backtrack on your feed and say, “I haven’t seen...

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Why is Instagram removing the likes counter?

Most Instagram users are obsessed with the like count on their posts. Many would not admit it but let's be honest. We all have moments where we compare the engagement our posts have with those of friends and family. It goes so far that people are posting content...

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Is this Instagram’s new look?

Once in a while Instagram come out with new features and looks. Before it is available to everybody, it is tested on selected accounts. One feature that we noticed today is a complete transformation on profiles. Will this be the new Instagram look and layout for...

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Are all influencers fakers?

Many people dream of becoming an influencer. Getting the fame and attention that comes along with it is something many aspire. For those who know a little bit more about influencer marketing, you will most likely know that influencers get paid heavily to promote...

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How to make money on Instagram

Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money or even a full income, just from posting a couple of pictures on Instagram? The answer to how will be slightly different for individuals as supposed to companies. The main reason being is that a company has to go through one...

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