Many people dream of becoming an influencer. Getting the fame and attention that comes along with it is something many aspire. For those who know a little bit more about influencer marketing, you will most likely know that influencers get paid heavily to promote products and services, paid up to 3000 USD per post. Who wouldn’t like to be one of them? That started a revolution of fake influencers, damaging the reputation of the hard working ones.

It is not hard to gain followers on social media once you know some of the techniques to get more exposure. This works for both brands and individuals. This is also called growth hacking. Although it is not the fair way to grow your followership, it is something that works and can be effective. Besides the people that grow hack their account, there are also true fakers that are far worse.

For almost any social media platform you will be able to find websites and services that will sell you likes, followers, comments, subscribers and more. No matter how convincing they sound, they are all fake. So to those who think they are buying real followers, it is a scam. There is no such thing as commanding 1000 people to instantly follow your account. These services are also called bots. The use of bots is against the terms and conditions of any social media platform. That being said, it is still used and fake influencers are able to get paid for faking their “fame”.

With all the services available today any individual could buy 1 million followers, services to like every picture with 50.000 fake likes and comment bots to comment 200 random comments like “awesome post”, “love it”, or any happy emoji. All that for just a few 100 dollars a month and a fake influencer is born. With a large number of influencers out there today, companies that spend a lot of money on these deals, often have a hard time spotting the fakes.

Luckily there are many tricks and tools to find out everything you need to know to ensure a safe bet on an influencer, maximizing your return. At beehavesocial, we have experts that will help you find out, not only who the fakers are, but also who would target your market the best, who will maximize your return, what a fair deal is and how to find out what your return is on each and every influencer. Different companies ask for different strategies.

Not all influencers are fake, but it is getting harder to spot the difference. Educate yourself before it’s too late. Get in touch for a consult or training on location.