Once in a while Instagram come out with new features and looks. Before it is available to everybody, it is tested on selected accounts. One feature that we noticed today is a complete transformation on profiles. Will this be the new Instagram look and layout for everybody later this year?

What we can see from the first glimpses of the new Instagram layout is that Instagram is going to try and shift the focus of the users. A few points we believe are the reasons behind them


1. Followers are less dominant and less important

By trying to minimize the visibility of the amount of followers an account has, Instagram is likely to reduce the effect these numbers have and hopefully have users focus more on the content rather than size of a the Instagram account.


2. Even more focus on Instagram Stories

The feed of users is pushed back even more in the new Instagram look, making the Instagram stories even more important. The active users in stories have been growing fast and Instagram is taking notice. Businesses and Influencers that are not using stories yet, are advised to start now if they want to keep engaging with their audience and grow their reach. It also means that something many people call Instagram highlights are going to be more important as the more dominant placement is going to effect the overall look of your profile even more.


3. Contact buttons more dominant

Business accounts will be effected most by this. The follow and contact buttons are placed more predominant in the middle of the profile. Like Facebook, Instagram seems to give business accounts more and more focus and making the platform more interesting for businesses to use. When it becomes easier for businesses to convert on their platform, they become more interested in advertising, which ultimately is Instagram their business model. It makes sense to create a layout that caters to businesses more than individual users.


4. The Bio is partly hidden

For users that use up all their bio characters, this will not be a welcome new look. Part of the bio is hidden and can be viewed by clicking on a read more button. The reasons for doing this are a bit unclear and it is the only thing that raises question marks. On one hand it makes sense to compress everything to fit more in the screen. But we feel that it could have been achieved otherwise. Businesses will need to rewrite their bio to try and fit everything in even less word, to prevent the need to click on a read more button. In all honesty, we believe not many people will click.


Overall the look is sleeker and a step up from the previous design layout. It is more organized and it shows what Instagram is trying to focus on by their placement. Instagram has been adding features over the past years and have always tried to cramp them in the little space around the bio. It was about time to redesign it all. Will this be available for all users in the future? We don’t know. We never know when they are testing out new features. Personally we do hope this sticks. The layout is in our opinion much better looking and has given all features a dedicated place.