Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money or even a full income, just from posting a couple of pictures on Instagram? The answer to how will be slightly different for individuals as supposed to companies. The main reason being is that a company has to go through one more step in order to earn money.


Influencers / Individuals

Influencers are individuals, couples or small groups that gain a followership that inspires others with what they do and say or they create something others love. Examples are actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, YouTubers, photographers and many, many more. Besides the fact that they earn money from what they do, there is another way to earn an income by using that followership. The reason they are called influencers is because they influence people. Fans want to do what they do, wear what they wear, eat what they eat, etc, etc. Companies know that and would love for an influencer to promote a product or service in order to get to the end consumer. You as an influencer are becoming a marketing tool just like a tv commercial or magazine. There are all kinds of different ways to get to the end consumer.

Always be true to your values. Being an influencer can be a powerful tool to earn extra income but with great power comes great responsibility. Only promote products and services that you truly believe are worth buying or trying. If you have a great following on social media, now is the time to pitch your followers to companies that would like to promote their products to your audience. It is like selling ad space in the newspapers but easier. The cost per view on social media, even with influencers can be as low as 1% compared to traditional forms of marketing.



Where influencers earn money directly from social media, for companies selling a product or service it does not work that way. However, just a few companies are using the full potential of social media today. As mentioned before, cost per view could be as low as 1% of the traditional marketing tools. For companies to work efficiently with social media they could get the help of influencers, paying them to promote a product. But what if you don’t need them? If the company profiles on social media are large enough you could use it as a marketing tool, potentially reaching millions of people, simply by posting a free ad on your own channels. The hardest part for companies today is to get a large and engaging following. But when you do you could get a big boost in sales simply by executing the right strategy. Some younger companies became big with billions in sales without spending a cent on traditional marketing.


Getting the fanbase

For both parties, the key to earning money is having a large, active and real followership. Not an easy task but very manageable with the right tools, people, campaigns, and strategies. At Beehavesocial we provide growth packages, social media management and training for both influencers and businesses, guiding you from start to finish. Get in touch at hello@beehavesocial.com and we will make you into a social media superstar.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]