When they said that the internet is now a fast-changing world, they weren’t joking. Take our favorite social apps as an example. In our new series, Feedstoppers, we talk about the most noteworthy updates that’ll make you backtrack on your feed and say, “I haven’t seen that before!” In today’s article, we talk about the new updates from social media land in April 2019

With Easter egg hunts and April Fools being the past month’s highlights, some of our favorite platforms also announced a few changes that definitely made an uproar in the world of social media. Instagram, in particular, dropped the most eggs this April and they are definitely not a joke.


Instagram updates


Say bye-bye to your like and follower count

Remember that time when the platform made some users’ Instagram bio smaller so the focus will be on the stories and feed instead of the profile’s numbers? Looks like that was just the beginning.

Before April wrapped up, the platform announced that they will start hiding Instagram likes, along with video views and the follower count. While the account owner can still see the numbers, their visitors won’t be able to.

On Instagram’s part, it’s their way to shift the focus on engagement metrics for users to focus on the content itself instead. (We personally think that there might be another reason but that’s just us!)

Not sure if you’ll agree but this is Instagram’s most surprising change by far. And it received quite the backlash too. Because to some, who are they without their Instagram likes and follower count? Even with a good marketing strategy, the number of likes and fans can still be a testament to how credible your brand is.

It’s still in the testing phase so we’ll just have to wait and see how everything will pan out. They are currently testing this in Canada to see what the response is AND how the platform can easily implement this without freaking everyone out at once.


Shop from your favorite influencer’s Instagram posts

Now’s the best time to invest in influencer marketing more than ever. After introducing shoppable posts for businesses a few months back, famous online personalities can now promote and even sell products of the brand they represent right from their feed.


(Photos from Instagram Business)

Since influencers are now the new face of various brands, this can significantly make their followers’ lives easier and can bring in more revenue for the platform and the businesses itself. Gone are the days when all you can do is tag the shop and hope for the best that visitors will click through.


Quiz your followers

Quizzes are a great engagement tool. Look at Buzzfeed and their quizzes. We wouldn’t blame you if you obsessed at one point what kind of cheese you are.

In the past month, Instagram released a quiz sticker for its Stories feature. Like with any other quiz found online, you can add a name, change the color of the sticker and select the right answer right off the bat before posting.

This opens a whole lot of possibilities when it comes to interacting with your followers. It helps you humanize your profile further as you give followers some juicy facts about your life or brand.


Across the Web

Facebook’s website and the mobile app gets a fresh new look

One day, when you log onto your account and see that your news feed layout has drastically changed, rest assured that it’s not a bug.

Facebook recently announced in their F8 event last April 30, 2019, that they will be having their biggest redesign yet. This change will be focusing more on optimizing the site for community building with the growing number of groups on the platform.

Another surprise? They’re also giving a new look to their logo since who knows when (even Mark Zuckerberg can’t remember when they last updated).  


Shopify ads integration on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best places to share your daily life through photos/videos, but it doesn’t just stop there. The platform recently partnered up with Shopify to open new marketing opportunities for merchants and businesses.


(Photo from Shopify)


With this update, Shopify merchants can now purchase ads on Snapchat. Moreover, it even allows them to manage their campaigns straight from Shopify. Is this an attempt of Snapchat to get back at Instagram? We think this is a really good partnership since Shopify is one of the biggest (and easiest) platforms to build your webshop on.


So what do you think of the changes in this month? Good? Bad? Superb? Worse? Talk to us in the comments below! Even better?
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